The future of HR is here. Get ahead with innovative tools and strategies to enhance your EX!

Employee Experience is the newest and most talked-about trend in HR today. Stay ahead of the latest developments, invest in your employees and gain a competitive advantage. Ensure you have the insights, resources, and capabilities to create a seamless employee experience!

10+Hours of Networking
10+Patient/Caregiver Speakers
5Provinces in Discussion
11Case Studies
2In-depth Workshops

Benefit from 10 Key Take-aways:

  1. New Technologies: Reduce costs and streamline your EX
  2. Purpose-Led: Foster a purpose-led approach to doing business
  3. Employee Journey Mapping: Maintain engagement throughout the employee lifecycle
  4. Recognition and Rewards: Ensure a happy and motivated workforce
  5. Social Listening: Navigate positive and negative reviews online
  6. Inclusive Culture: Create a workforce that celebrates diversity
  7. Talent Analytics: Use data to deliver actionable insights
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility: Embrace altruism to engage Millennials
  9. Customized Employee Experience: Deliver a personalized work environment
  10. Employee Well-being and Health: Implement health benefits for staff

+ Many More!

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