The future of HR is here. Get ahead with innovative tools and strategies to enhance your EX!

Employee Experience is the newest and most talked about trend in HR today. Stay ahead of the latest developments, invest in your employees and gain a competitive advantage. Ensure you have the insights, resources, and capabilities to create a seamless employee experience!

10+Hours of Networking
10+Patient/Caregiver Speakers
5Provinces in Discussion
11Case Studies
2In-depth Workshops

Benefit from 10 Key Take-aways:

  1. New Technologies: Reduce costs and streamline your EX
  2. Purpose-Led: Foster a purpose-led approach to doing business
  3. Employee Journey Mapping: Maintain engagement throughout the employee lifecycle
  4. Recognition and Rewards: Ensure a happy and motivated workforce
  5. Social Listening: Navigate positive and negative reviews online
  6. Inclusive Culture: Create a workforce that celebrates diversity
  7. Talent Analytics: Use data to deliver actionable insights
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility: Embrace altruism to engage Millennials
  9. Customized Employee Experience: Deliver a personalized work environment
  10. Employee Well-being and Health: Implement health benefits for staff

+ Many More!

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