1. Get Ahead of The Biggest Change in HR in Over 20 Years
    As the top employers in North America begin to implement employee experience strategies, you need to adopt a plan now, so you don’t fall behind. This conference will show you how to develop and execute a holistic approach to a best practice employee experience initiative.
  2. Benchmark your Employee Experience Program Against Award-Winning Employers
    Meet North America’s best loved public and private sector employers who recognize the value in improving their employee experience. This cross-industry event gives you the benefit of sharing ideas and gaining new insights from many sectors.
  3. Leverage New Technologies to Deliver the Experience Employees Expect from You
    Employees expect to use integrated, easy-to-use tools and chatbots to access your HR service system for their transactional needs. Discover which technologies are leading the field, so you can invest wisely and seamlessly integrate technology with your EX strategy.
  4. Deliver an End-To-End, Recruitment-To-Retirement Experience for Your Employees
    A great candidate experience evolves into an exciting employee experience, where employees feel their work is meaningful, and that they are part of a purpose-led organization. Harness this important new tend to engage employees throughout their lifecycle.
  5. The Only Employee Experience Event in Canada
    With no other event in Canada to focus purely on employee experience, this is your best opportunity to get ahead of your competition and build a holistic and nurturing work culture. Leverage the benefits of an EX program to drive productivity, increase employee advocacy, improve retention, reduce hiring costs, and enhance collaboration across networks.