June 25, 2019
  • 7:45 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:45 AM
    Keynote Address
    Is Your Organization Prepared for the Employee Experience Revolution: Deciphering the Phenomenon and Latest Trends
    Luciana Duarte
    VP, Global Head of Employee Experience, HP

    With an improved economic outlook and organizations shifting their focus on retaining the best talent, the need for enhanced employee experience is being felt more than ever. In this session, understand why employee experience is being dubbed as the most important recent change in HR and what your organization can do to better prepare for the future.

    Take away tips to:

    • Implement the basic rules of employee experience in your organization
    • Effectively integrate employee experience over different organizational sectors
    • Understand the newest tools to enrich employee experience

    Recognize the latest trends and rules for effective employee experience implementation at your workplace

  • 9:30 AM
    Panel Discussion: Building an EX Plan
    How to Guarantee the Success of Your EX Initiative with the Right Strategy and Implementation
    Kim West
    Vice President – Employee Experience, IMAX Corporation
    Alana Free
    Vice President, People and Culture, GoodLife FITNESS

    For your employee experience strategy to succeed, you need to have a clear development and implementation plan. Create a roadmap to take employee experience from aspirational to actual in your organization. Develop a practical strategy to:

      • Assemble a diverse set of experts to form your team
      • Gain buy-in from executives, line managers and front-line workers
      • Measure and assess the results of your plan

    Create an actionable strategy to make employee experience a priority in your organization.

  • 10:15 AM
    Speed Networking
  • 10:30 AM
    Mid-morning Networking Break
  • 11:00 AM
    Case Study:
    Delivering engaging employee experiences through Technology
    Deenah Patel
    Senior Director – Employee Experience, RBC
    Adam Carter
    Senior Director – Human Resources, RBC

    People expect the same tech experiences at work that they are used to at home and now, more than ever, the expectations are high. RBC will share how they are taking steps to differentiate experiences for their employees through the use of technology to enhance employee engagement. Takeaways from this presentation include:

    • How journey maps helped identify tech moments that matter for employees
    • Ways to digitally transform experiences
    • Using data to be able to proactively deliver value
  • 11:30 AM
    Case Study: Branding
    How to Use Your Employee Experience Program to Cultivate Passion and Enhance Your Brand from the Inside-Out
    David Orzolek
    VP – Employee Experience, Driveline Retail Merchandising

    If motivated and well looked after, your employees can be your company’s best brand ambassadors. The challenge is how to engage your employees to cultivate a sense of loyalty and build your brand from the inside-out.

    Understand how to:

      • Create a favourable employee experience which enhances your brand
      • Use available tools to create a wholesome employee experience
      • Create reward programs to motivate your employees

    Use your employees as brand ambassadors to enhance your brand reputation.

  • 12:00 PM
    Leadership Panel
    North America’s Most Loved Companies: From Purpose to Action – Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience Strategy
    Karen Niparko
    Executive Director – Office of Human Resources, City and County of Denver
    Michelle Mizerski
    Manager – Employee Engagement, McDonald’s

    Hear the leaders in employee experience on their journey to number one. Understand what generated levels of retention, loyalty, advocacy and productivity that surpassed other companies. Discover the approaches that set them apart and benchmark your company so you can implement their proven strategy in your organization.

    Take away insights to:

      • Generate loyalty and increase retention
      • Respond to employee concerns
      • Turn your employee into advocates for your brand

    Benchmark your company to set yourself apart as an excellent employer.

  • 12:45 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:45 PM
    Case Study: Millennial Factor
    How to Offer a Better Experience to the Millennials and Drive Your Business
    Natassa Zervopoulos
    Director of Employee Experience - Canada, Venterra Realty

    Today’s workforce wants innovation, transparency, and freedom at their workplace. Gen Z is driven by values and behaviour rather than policy manuals. The good thing is that creating a new-age workplace not only works for the millennials but for just about anybody. After this session, take back to your office a plan to:

      • Enhance your workplace culture that is right for everyone
      • Better engage the millennials and drive your business
      • Understand what works and what does not when creating a wholesome employee experience

    Understand the nuances of a modern day workplace and how to create a Gen Z EX plan.

  • 2:15 PM
    Interactive Session:
    Birds of a Feather

    Gain insights from your industry peers and benchmark your organization against others in this interactive session. Delegates will be divided into informal discussion groups centred on a variety of topics related to employee experience. Topics to be discussed include:

      • Compensation & Benefits
      • Technology
      • Learning Culture
      • Millennial Engagement

    Flock together to brainstorm innovative approaches to your most pressing challenges

  • 2:45 PM
    Vendor Showreel

    The market today is brimming with employee engagement solutions. But, which one is the best for your organization, and which can offer you exactly what you need at the best price possible? In this highly engaging and interactive speed marketing session, hear from vendors on why their product is the best!

  • 4:00 PM
    Panel: Strategy
    Establish a Strategy that Begins with an Ideal Candidate and Turns Into a Lasting Employee Experience
    Joshua Mitchell
    Director, Talent Brand Strategy + Employee Experience, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    Kim Orszulak
    HR Business Partner Lead, Shopify

    An ideal employee experience strategy begins right from acquiring the right talent. Create a corporate culture that enriches the overall experience throughout an employee’s lifecycle within an organization. Take back strategies to:

      • Develop ideal experiences that start right from the onboarding process
      • Understand how to attract and retain the right and bright talents
      • Identify why creating a wide-ranging employee experience matters

    Understand how to create the ideal experience throughout an employee’s lifecycle.

  • 4:30 PM
    Conference Adjourns to Day Two
  • 4:35 PM
    Evening Executive Reception
June 25, 2019
June 26, 2019
  • 7:45 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:45 AM
    Build an Effective Employee Experience Specific to Your Workplace
    Stacie Barrett
    Director of Internal Communication,, Domino’s
    The first step in creating an amazing workplace and a great employee experience is to understand and connect people with your mission. Since every company has a different culture, it is important to understand what makes you unique and to connect employees to the company’s purpose and how they can strive together to meet company goals. Take away valued insights on:
    ·         How to accurately understand your company culture
    ·         Highlighting commonalities across various business divisions to strengthen culture
    ·         Creating employee unity through enterprise-wide communication
    ·         Humanizing and engaging the workforce via storytelling
    Create a great employee experience by unifying everyone under one powerhouse culture.

    Change Speaker Kim Orszulak's title to HR Lead

  • 9:30 AM
    Case Study: Employee Voice
    Feedback is a gift. Honour it by developing actionable insights that truly make a difference.
    Tanya Liblik
    Employee Experience Leader, IBM Canada

    We ask employees to share their hearts and minds and owe it to them to turn feedback into action. Operationalizing pulse survey data is daunting, and numbers tell us only so much. Discover three steps to make the most of what your organization is telling you and deliver an exceptional employee experience.

  • 10:15 AM
    Networking Break
  • 10:45 AM
    Industry Expert: Performance Management Tools
    Harness the Power of a New Breed of Performance Management Tools to Drive Efficiency and Engagement

    Performance management platforms have transformed over the last few years. No longer a static, once-a-year-tool, they provide you with continuous feedback. Leverage this technology to revolutionize your approach to employee feedback with integrated pulse surveys to train and improve your staff. Source insights to:

    • Enable employees to extend their abilities
    • Provide and source feedback through performance management tools
    • Increase collaboration of individual and team goals

    Help your employees reach their goals with the right tools.

  • 11:15 AM
    Panel: Surveys
    Unraveling the Engagement Conundrum: Utilizing Surveys to Better Measure Employee Experience
    Arun Kochhar
    Global Head HR Insights & People Analytics, Xerox

    Surveys are an important tool to measure employee engagement and thus take corrective action, if required. The panel will explain how to best use different survey techniques, analyze data and exploit the results to further enhance your employee experience program.

    Take away insights on:

      • Conducting a modern-day employee engagement survey
      • Creating an effective survey questionnaire that delivers results
      • Understanding the survey results and measuring employee engagement

    Create effective surveys and utilize them for enhancing your employee experience program.

  • 12:00 PM
    Re-imaging HR to Drive Your Employee Experience
    Travis McGill
    Manager – People & Culture, Ubisoft

    With the business landscape continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s time to revolutionize the function of HR and rethink its value proposition. This talk focuses on revisiting some of the core functions of human resources and realigning them to shape a positive employee experience.

    Takeaways from the session include:

    • Why it’s important to create your own best practices
    • Implement a feedback-loop culture in your organization
    • Concentrate on shifting from policies to people

    How to use heart-based decision making to revolutionize your company culture

  • 12:30 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Case Study: Leadership
    How to Get Leadership to Champion Your EX Agenda
    Gil Cohen
    Director – Employee Experience, Highvail Systems
    Bradley Brodkin
    CEO, Highvail

    Without leadership support, an EX initiative is doomed to failure. Leadership needs to more than just “buy into” EX, they need to drive it. Join our speakers as they discuss the business value derived from the Employee Experience agenda – both philosophically and practically from their first-hand experience.
    In this session, understand:

    • The strategies that drive leadership championship
    • Best practices to optimize outcomes
    • Approaches to market EX to the entire organization

    Recruit, inspire, and enable your organizational leaders to embrace EX.

  • 2:00 PM
    Panel: Rewards & Incentives
    Exploring Rewards, Incentives and Acknowledgement Techniques that Make a Difference
    Leslie-Ann Vezina
    Director, Employee Travel and Recognition, Air Canada

    Rewards and incentives have been used as an effective means to boost employee morale for many years. In this panel, discover the most efficient ways of using rewards, incentives, and acknowledgement techniques and understand how to deploy those within your organization. Discover innovative means of:

    • Using acknowledgement tools to cultivate camaraderie and a positive work culture
    • Rewarding your employees to enhance commitment and perseverance
    • Efficiently transmitting employee engagement case studies

    Create an effective program to enhance your employee experience.

  • 2:45 PM
    Workplace Culture
    Culture as the driving force behind Employee Engagement and Experience
    Julie Coutts
    Sales Manager – Talent Solutions, LinkedIn

    Culture is something that we take pride in at LinkedIn.  We know that a company’s culture is more than a set of guiding principles; it is brought to life by the employees who exemplify it on a daily basis.  Learn how engaging your Culture champions can help created a ripple effect around your unique organizational culture.

  • 3:15 PM
    Networking Break
  • 3:45 PM
    Panel: ROI
    Create an Amazing Employee Experience that Resonates with Employers and Delivers a Tangible Return On Investment

    While creating a great workplace by investing in your employees is a great idea, but its importance, at times, can be undermined with profitability taking priority. However, the ability to show tangible return on investment can get the bosses interested. This panel will explore the ways to create an employee experience that is perfect for the employees and fattens the bottom line.

    Develop a strategy to:

      • Create the perfect employee experience plan for employees and employers
      • Measure the ROI of a well executed employee experience program
      • Understanding the platforms that resonate with your employees

    Develop and execute perfectly conditioned EX programs that deliver ROI.

  • 4:30 PM
    Conference Adjourns
June 26, 2019

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